Yunmai Scale Means Convenience

Yunmai scale alone displays your weight and body fat percentage.

To get all the other body metrics you will need to download the Yunmai app. Just scan the code that came with the scale through your smart phone and Yunmai App will autodownload. Select your gender on the app, name, height, and age to set up a profile.

The app lets you sync your weight loss profile so you can keep track of every inch of your body to enable you easily tackle your strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to navigate and it displays your real-time stats on graph charts so you can see your virtual reports.

The scale allows you to boast about your weight loss journey to your friends and family through social sharing. To set up multiple user modes on the app, select your profile then select "Family members" to add a user. The app can sync with other apps such as Fitbit or Apple Healthy to write in your weight data for you. It sends a congratulation message every time you achieve a goal to keep you motivated. Keep motivated - Keep Using Yunmai...