Wrong Choices – You’d Wish You Never Did It in Life

In my previous posts I’ve discussed the Flame of Life and the Choices we must make to keep it brightly lit. Today I’ll discuss those choices which dim your Flame of Life.

1. Not Balancing Spirituality and Materialism

There’s a well known saying:

If you follow your heart, money will follow you.

I know, I know you may say what about those hundreds of thousands of aspiring writer and artists whose books and paintings never sell. It’s more about never giving up in spite of all the odds against you. It’s also about taking both your body and heart side by side. You must first cater to the needs of your body and your family and while doing so you must also not forget the call of your heart. Life’s more like a very fine balancing act on a tight rope with your heart on one side and your body on the other. Once these two are balanced, you live a balanced life. In the same way a blend of materialism and spirituality is necessary to live a balanced life. Balance your life to have a roaring Flame of Life.

2. Not Caring about Other Living Beings

The planet where we live, is not only meant for our habitation but is equally a homeland for animals, who are its true native beings. Our life is dependent upon earth producing food for us to eat and air to breath. The more we care for nature, the more we care for us and the more we lit our flame of life.

3. Not Enjoying Life

Life is meant to be a journey that makes us grow both spiritually and mentally. Life has its ups and downs, highs and lows just like a roller-coaster ride. If the people riding the roller-coaster always keep on sobbing and crying there will be no point of the ride. What if some people decide to abandon the ride for being too fast what would happen? They’ll lose the enjoyment that comes after you develop a taste for the ride. It’s the same with life. You have to develop a taste for both the joys and sorrows of life. Taste of joys is sweet and sorrows is bitter, but a mix of both these tastes makes life enjoyable. You might have noticed, after 10, 15 or 20 years some of the most sorrowful moments of you life give you the most pleasure or at least bring a smile to your lips. It’s the happiness that lits your Flame of Life the brightest.

4. Not Having Enough Time Alone

We’re living most of the time with others. In others you may count your family, friends, colleagues, facebook, twitter, television, cinema, prayer etc. etc. Have you ever thought how much time you spend with YOU? I know most of the people will say none. It’s sad. I say being ill is a blessing in disguise for us. It’s a disease which makes us spend time with ourselves in bed. It shouldn’t be like that. We should, we must dedicate some private time for us and us alone. A time when no one should disturb us, no children, no family, no facebook no nothing except YOU with YOU. That’s how you get to Know Thyself. This is the most important journey that every one of us should undertake. I’ve found this journey to be the most fruitful of all journeys.

5. Having Critical People Surround You

You can make your dreams come true very easily if you have someone by your side who appreciates you. If your life partner is critical of you or doesn’t comprehend you magnificence, your true capabilities, your knowledge, your worth… then you’ll have a hard time climbing the ladder of opportunity to become what you want to become. Find someone who truly knows you and loves you for what you are, this alone will take your Flame of Life to new heights making you the man or woman you’ll be proud of.