How to Fuel Your Flame?

In my last post I talked about the nature and importance of the flame of life. In this post I’ll discuss the reasons that fuel or diminish our flames.

But before I discuss that I want to emphasize that the fueling or diminishing of the flame of our lives is dependent upon our choices that we make in our lives. To make a choice is in our own hands but the consequence of that choice is usually not in our hands. I’ll give a very crude example to prove my point. It’s in our hands to slap someone, but the consequences of that slap are usually not in our hands, that may even include broken teeth or bones. Similarly it’s our choice to help someone in distress if we have the means. The consequences of our good gesture are usually always good.

Choices that Fuel our Flame of Life

  • Loving Ourselves: For me loving ourselves is the biggest factor that fuels our flame of life. Have you ever thought about those people who influence our lives the most? No they are not politicians. They are movie or TV stars. One thing common with every successful movie star is that he or she loves her body. They work hard to keep their bodies in shape. That’s how they fuel their flames of life and influence millions of people.
  • Exercising: Exercising is the second most important choice that affects our flame of life in a positive manner. To exercise means to assert our choice to keep healthy. You won’t see a single successful movie star who doesn’t stick to a strict exercising regime.

If you want to leave a mark on this world develop your body. According to Iqbal:

For the sake of truth

Cause of Truth

He who wants to die for the cause of truth, must first develop the power in his earthly body.

And here’s where comes to your help…