Asking the Right Questions

I know it's hard to believe but in fact most of our present life is a sum of our previous choices. You can compare your life to a tree. A tree doesn’t grow tall overnight. It takes years and years to grow tall, with proper growth conditions. Similarly the state in which you are today does not happen overnight or is not a result of a few choices. Conditioning counts and parents/relatives/teachers do have a big role to play in this conditioning. More about conditioning will be discussed in some later post.

If someone is under $50000/- debt, it didn’t happen overnight. Relationships don’t breakup for a single wrong reason. You don’t put up 50 pounds of overweight by eating just a few desserts. We must understand that if we’re in a rut, it’s because of repeated unconscious, unhealthy, unwise choices we made in our lives (our parents/teachers/friends do play a role in these choices but the bottom line is it's we and only we are responsible for the choices we make, not them.) Likewise if we want to foresee our future, we only need to examine our present day choices. The problem is it’s very very difficult to judge one’s own actions. But there is a way to do that. It’s called “asking the right questions.”

The Right Questions

The basic problem that I see with most people is that instead of taking responsibility of their own actions they put all the blame on someone else. That may be the spouse, some friend, teacher or even The System. Until and unless you take the full responsibility of your life, you can’t attain the life of your dreams.

The first step to take responsibility of your own actions is to ask the right questions before you opt to perform any action. You must ask yourself before doing the action:

  • Would you still do it if your boss, teacher, parent, colleague, friend etc. is watching you? And even if he watches you, will it still be the right choice?
  • Will your choice give you long-term fulfillment or will it give you a short term happiness?
  • Will your choice act as a catalyst for your growth, or will make you remorseful at the end?
  • Is your choice based upon love, selflessness, bravery, kindness or is it based upon hatred, fear, lust, cruelty?
  • Will your choice fuel your flame of life or will it diminish it?

If you sincerely answer these 5 questions before your actions, believe me you’ll create a life that you’ll be proud of having lived and will have Taazgee - always...